Kahoot! in the Foreign Language Class

(Click here for a quick tutorial on getting started.)

Every now and then in educational technology tools, a game-changer comes along. “Kahoot!”, a classroom response system, falls under this category. Today I used a Kahoot game for the first time with my grade 5 Core French students (all boys), and I don’t think I have ever seen them more excited or engaged in an all French activity as they were during the game. (Click here to listen to them.)

I remember coming across “Kahoot!” on social media a few months ago, visiting the site, and then leaving it because I felt I didn’t have the time to figure out how it worked. Then just a few days ago, my French teacher friend, Wendy Nash, told me how much her students were enjoying it so I decided to investigate a little further. Am I ever glad I did!

There are many things that make “Kahoot!” a standout resource in the foreign language class.

  1. It is dead-easy to use. All a student needs to play is a device that has an internet connection. That’s it. There are no apps to download or student accounts to create. The teacher needs a computer, a projector, and speakers.
  2. A teacher can browse the site for ready-made games, or design one him/herself in minutes. The creating interface is extremely user-friendly and simple to figure out.
  3. There is a competitive element that the students love. The top 5 players’ names are displayed on the leader board after every question. I cannot tell you how much this motivates my students.
  4. Individual student game results can be accessed by the teacher for assessment purposes: PURE AWESOMENESS!
  5. The vocabulary used in the game can be easily reviewed within the game before the game begins.

Here are some French Kahoots that you can try with your students right away (NOTE: you need a Kahoot! account before you can view them.)

  1. Les objets de la classe, par Wendy Nash.
  2. Les parties du corps, par Wendy Nash
  3. Émotions et salutations, par Myra Mallette
  1. Les trois petits cochons, Questions totales, par Terry Daly
  2. Salut mon ami, par Terry Daly
  3. Les couleurs, par Sylvia Duckworth
  4. Louis la grenouille, par Sylvia Duckworth
  5. Veux-tu danser? par Richard Smith
  6. C'est l'Halloween, par Sylvia Duckworth
  7. Les prépositions, par Sylvia Duckworth
  8. Les animaux, par Sylvia Duckworth
  9. Les fruits, par Sylvia Duckworth
  10. Je me présente, par Kim Gaiswiki
  11. Les parties du corps, par Kim Gaiswiki
  12. La rentrée, par Kim Gaiswiki
  13. Les contraires, par Audrey Misiano
  14. Les nombres 1 à 20, par Audrey Misiano

French teachers Kahoot! pages (must be logged into Kahoot! to view)

It would be great to have students create their own Kahoots, too! So if you haven't tried "Kahoot!" yet, give it a go! Do you have other Kahoot games in French? Please leave a comment below!

Amusez-vous bien!



  1. Sylvia,
    It looks as though you've used some clip art for your images. How did you do that? Did you have to save each one as a jpg to your computer or is there an easier way to have it recognized as a valid image - I'd love to be able to easily use images rather than English text! Thanks!

    1. Etools For Language Teachers: Kahoot! >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Etools For Language Teachers: Kahoot! >>>>> Download LINK

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      Etools For Language Teachers: Kahoot! >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK 3E

  2. Sylvia... once again, thanks for putting me onto something great. My colleague told me about it and then when I googled it, there was your blog. I have posted 3 as a trial.. my spec ed classes love it because the feedback is immediate and I can modify it to whatever level I need to. I will post more soon. I am doing Où est mon chien, Chat et la lune and 3Petits cochons this term. More to come under MmeHooton

  3. Merci Madame! Mes élèves de FLE au sécondaire en C-B adorent Kahoot!
    M. Wiebe

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    I am a student teacher and experienced Kahoot for the first time this year. Thank you for sharing so many great language activities to utilize through it, I know that for myself it was an exciting and engaging platform. I'm looking forward to using it in my classroom.

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  6. Hi Sylvia,

    I would love to use these Kahoots but it seems that when I click a link it redirects me to the front page of Kahoot, instead of bringing me to that specific Kahoot activity. I have to instead search by name, and then bring it up that way. Oh well, but thank you again!