General vocabulary building and practice

(To practice vocabulary)
(More vocab) Click on the fish, then the third castle with the French flag.
(Lot of fun activities)
(Listen to dialogues and songs and play games)
(Fun activities!)
(Instructions are in French but you can have fun exploring! Try “Tout-petits” first)
(more vocab)
Some cool games
(To practice counting. Click on the numbers to hear them. Click on "Options" then "Quiz mode for a little quiz)  
(To practice reading and following instructions. Read the sentence, then click on whatever they tell you to do, then click on the orange arrow)
(more vocab practice. Drag the words to the correct spots. They will turn green if you are correct.)
(more vocab practice)
(To practice vocab for body parts. Click on “Vocabulaire” to review the words, then click on “Index”, then “Exercise” to practice. Read the sentence then clique on the correct circle. Then click on the green arrow)
(To practice vocab for the family. Click on “Vocabulaire” to review the words, then click on “Index”, then “Exercise” to practice. Read the sentence then clique on the correct circle. Then click on the green arrow)
(To practice l’alphabet français and la punctuation)
(To practice vocab for Les Animaux)
(To practice numbers. Click on a sign, say 1-20, then click anywhere on the next screen to begin the game. Now click on the headphones to hear a number and click on the number)
(Fun activities. Click on a character on the left to get started.)
This is fun. Click "Jouer". The policeman is asking "Qui vous a volé votre sac, madame?" (Who stole your bag, madame?) She describes the thieves and you get to put handcuffs on them if you choose the correct one!
(choose “subjects” in top right corner, then Languages, then French. For every right answer, a grain of rice is donated to Haiti)
23. Click'n'learn
Good vocab games
Learn French with a cute kid called Ninou. Click on the different things on the moon to play different games.
Easy games in French.
No sound but good collection of vocab for "La nourriture"
27. Mimi la souris: Je suis/j'ai
Learn the instruments in French. Great homepage but nothing beyond that.
Another amazing site with tons of activities.
Wow. Lots of great activities, some harder than others. Try "Jeux" or "Contes".
Lots of fun!
Some fun activities here. Click on "Launch" to get started, then put the British flag in the rock to the left and the French flag in the rock to the right.
Great site from Northern Ireland. Easy, fun activities.
Cool site. Lots of activities and games.
Play games with Caillou!
36. Click here for lots of interactive games in French.
37. Click here for some online games in French.  
38. Click here for the official Disney website in French.
39. Click here for a wonderful interactive book made by Geetanjali Shrivastava to learn/practice basic French vocabulary.
40. Click here for a wonderful site for French children 2-7. Lots of activities.   
41. A great site with fun activities.
42. Click here for BBC's French page with tons of activities.
43. Click here for BBC's Primary French page.
44. Learning with flashcards.
45. Vocab exercises in many different languages.
46. Lots of on-line FSL activities:
47. Click here for lots of activities in different languages.
48. Fun hockey activities en français!
49. Click here for Boowa & Kwala's Homepage. Lots of activities! (If no image, try using Firefox browser).
50. Click here for an amazing site geared for children. Learn easy phrases in 57 languages.
51. Learn many words and phrases.  
52. Click here for some simple activities from CASLT.  
53. Click here for an interactive game: Trouve l'objet.
54. Cree ton propre monstre: L'atelier des monstres:  
55. Lots of activities and videos here: 
56. Le grenier de Bisou Cute site with videos and games.
39. Click here for a very extensive document called "The FSL Survival Guide".
40. Toupie et Binou: Cute site! (click on "jouer"). 
A great site to learn about French slang. 
42. Rainbow School Board "La boîte aux outils", cheatsheet for lots of important vocab. 
43. Apprendre à lire et à écrire grâce à la méthode syllabique:
44. Many useful words with audio.

More difficult
Good site but advanced vocab.
2. Fun game of intrigue for older students.
Fun site but only for advanced French students
Wow. Huge Simpsons website with tons of activities, en français!
5. Click here for a wonderful site about a day in the life of many children around the world. Unfortunately, no sound.
6. Click here for a good site to practice French argot (slang) from France. Fairly advanced level.
7. Click here for some interactive quizzes on Europe. Advanced.
8. Click here for Brainpop en français! Lots of fun activities but a little advanced.
9. Click here for the TV5 website. For advanced French.
10. Fantastic site with lots of activities.
11. This is fun but a little challenging. Help Olivier decorate his room. Click here.
12. Some really good interactive activities here.
13. Lots of quizzes here on Les dessins animés.
14. Lots of interactive educational games here for French immersion students.
15. <--Looks very interesting!