For Video projects

1. Animoto For making video presentations. Click here for a sample made by French teacher Fiona Rose. Click here and here for videos on how to use Animoto. Click here for a student sample (in English). Click here for an Animoto made by a 6 year-old (in English). Click here for more samples. Click here for a blog post on using Animoto. Click here for an Animoto in French. Click here for a cool Animato about monster drawings. Click here for an Animoto promoting Foreign Language classes.
2. Stupeflix Edit videos online, then post on Facebook.
4. Masher, a video-editing site. 
5. Click here for a tutorial on how to make a video with iMovie.
6. Click here for a great video on "50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story". 
7. Click here for instructions on how to change the background of a video with a green screen and iMovie. 
8. Stop-motion maker.
9. Click here for a document by Richard Byrne called "Making videos on the web". 
10. Check out my YouCube of Têtes à claque videos:
Click here to make one of your own.
11. Make a YouTube "Choose your own adventure" story like this, 
by using the Annotation & Link feature explained here and here
12. Collaborative cloud-based editing platform.
13. Click here for "Top ten sites for video-editing".
14. For video editing.
15. Free software for stop-motion videos.
16. Edit YouTube videos.
17. To make stop-motion animations.
18. Click here for a video explaining how to create your own "Choose your own adventure" video. 
19. Click here for a cool Silent Movie app. 
20. Click here for many Video-editing sites. 
21. A very cool way to edit YouTube videos with lots of effects. 
22. Lets you rip DVDs to digital format. 
24. Click here for a great example of a "Choose your own adventure" with YouTube and here for instructions on how to do it.
25. Click here to read a blogpost I wrote about using iMovie and Blue/screening. 
26. Click here for "The best YouTube tricks and tools for teachers".
27. Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to use the YouTube Annotation Editor.
28. Click here for a preso called "Beyond iMovie" for iPad movie making. 
29. Click here to learn about how to add French subtitles to YouTube videos. 
30. Click here to learn about how to download a YouTube video to your camera roll on your iPad. 
33. Cool way to share videos, in a card format.
34. Create a Storyboard here:
35. Click here for a YouTube playlist of great Greenscreen backgrounds.