Not French but WOW!

(Watch a sketch from beginning to end)
(See great works of art up close) 
3. Click here for a site that lets you find famous works of art. 
4. Click here for a very cool site on "An adventure in art history."
5. Click here for a great list of Crayola's colours.
6. Click here for a gorgeous interactive site on Monet. 
7. A very cool way for kids to discover famous artworks.
8. Click here for a great eBook on Van Gogh. 
9. Click here for a 360〫tour of the Sistine Chapel with beautiful music. Use your arrow buttons to look around.
10. Very cool way to learn art basics.
11. Gotta check it out!
12. Cool!

1. Click here for an amazing site of Anne Frank's virtual house. 
2. Click here for a great website on "What was there..." using Google maps. 
3. Click here and here for amazing interactive websites on the Titanic. 
Very cool. What happened the day you were born.  
5. A website with historical photos of city buildings and streets.
6. Click here for an infographic on "The history of the internet".  
7. Click here for a great site called: "Women of our time".
8. A superb interactive virtual popup book about London through the 20th century.
9. Click here to see how the world has been gaining weight through history. 
10. Click here for "The museum of obsolete objects".

1. Click here for an incredible Interactive Scale of the Universe.
2. Click here for a cool site showing how the seasons work. 
3. Click here for an amazing site that puts everything into perspective.

1. Click here for an infographic on "What are the hardest languages to learn?"  
2. Click here for a wonderful interactive game about eating habits around the world. 
Diversity calendar with cultural and ethnic holidays.
4. cool site comparing Canada's living conditions with other countries. 
5. Click here for a cool quiz to determine your accent.(English)
6. Amazing site to visit places around the world. 
7. Click here for a Wikipedia "List of languages by number of native speakers".
8. Click here for a blogpost on "How to Write Your Name in Different Styles & Languages". 
9. ChooseUrStyle Great website for children to learn about fashion in the African culture. 
10. Good resource for looking up words your students/teenagers say that you don't know. 
11. Click here for an interactive map with countries that change sizes according to category. 
12. Click here for an interactive map showing flags of every country in the world. 
13. Cllick here for a cool website that teaches you about proper eating manners in different cultures.
14. Compare your lifestyle with other countries.

1. Make a singing telegram.
2. This is silly but fun:
3. Click here for a hilarious site with animated talking animals.
4. Amazing Draw a Stickman Adventure site.
5. Delete letters and write your name.
6. Add a fireplace to your computer.
7. Too funny! 
8. Change different parts of the face to make funny combinations!

(Find out your learning style)
2. Try typing in your city name and see what happens! 
3. Click here for 25 Awesome Virtual learning experiences  
4. Click here for 30 Awesomely designed resumes.  
5. Click here for a very cool website with tons of information about "Did you know..."  
6. Click here for a great infographic on Bullying. 
7. Click here for a site about optical illusions. 
8. A wonderful interactive museum. 
9. Every now and then a website comes along that is truly awesome. This is one of them:
10. Click here for a collection of comics about teaching.
11. Click here to listen to the waves and zone out. 
12. Type in a word (place, thing) and see what happens!
13. Panoramic views of many places around the world. Type in name of city and see what happens!
14. Put these gorgeous pics with music on to calm down your students or inspire them.
15. An on-line resume creator for kids.
16. Click here for an awesome story-starter resource from Scholastic Canada.
17. Track flights real-time.
18. Live-cams from all over the world.
19. Multiple Intelligences Self assessment