Other great websites

French Website/Blogs
4. http://www.frenchteacher.net/blogs.html 
TON OF BLOGS HERE!  Check out the rest of the site, too: http://www.frenchteacher.net/
5. http://french.about.com (One could spend hours exploring this site)
6. http://offqc.com/(a blog exploring Quebecois French)
11. http://www.greatfrenchsongs.com/ (for older students) 
33. Click here for BBC's French page with tons of activities. 
54. http://learnfrench.fouiner.info/ Lots of French vocab with audio.
55. Click here for a great blog called: Living in France: Real life experiences and articles about living in France.  
86. https://sites.google.com/site/madelleberry/

MFL websites
There are so many IT resources here it's mindboggling. Check off "Foreign languages". Most resources are not specifically for languages but still are very useful
47. Click here for Cybraryman's Educational websites for technology.