Misc. IT resources

General IT resources
1. http://www.freetech4teachers.com/ 
More IT resources 
Lots of good resources here.
3. http://www.edutecher.net/links There are so many IT resources here it's mindboggling. Check off "Foreign languages". Most resources are not specifically for languages but still are very useful.
Very extensive lists of digital tools to use in the class. (scroll down the page) 
5. Click here for an amazing page on Top Web 2.0 tools.
6. Click here for tons of on-line tools and applications.  
7. http://www.machelpformom.com/  This is a great concept, sort of like Mac for dummies!
8. Click here for some amazing IT tutorials created with Comic Life. 
9. Click here for a directory of Learning Tools 2011. Lots of great resources by category. 
10. Click here to read a huge list of Web 2.0 tool resources (from EdTech Toolbox)
11. Click here for  A – Z Internet Resources for Education by Box of Tricks.
12. Click here for "The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You".
13. Click here for @ICTmagic 's "Best-of" websites. AWESOME! 
14. http://www.go2web20.net/# Wow, tons of Web 2.0 applications here! 
15. Click here for Cybraryman's LiveBinder of Educational resources. 
16. Wowza: tons of Web 2.0 tools here
17. Click here for a blogpost called: "Three Good Sites Where Teachers Can Learn Tech Skills".
18. Click here for a presentation called:  "The top 100 internet tools for learning, 2011". 
19. Click here for a Wiki evaluating various Web 2.0 tools for the class. 
20. Click here to read about preventing viruses in Macs and here for a video tutorial.
21. Click here for a great ScoopIt page on "The best educational technology tools tutorials" 

1. Great blogpost explaining SAMR

Digital portfolios 
1. Click here for a LiveBinder on how to create a Digital Portfolio. 
2. Click here for a great wiki on Digital portfolios.
3. Click here for an article on Digital portfolios. 
4. Click here for a very informative blogpost on Digital Portfolios. 
5. Click here for a blogpost called "Using Technology/Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom".
6. http://carbonmade.com/ is a great website to create digital portfolios.
7. Click here to read a teacher's instructions on how a student can keep an ePortfolio using LiveBinders. (scroll down). 
8. Click here for a description of setting up ePortfolios with Google Sites.
9. http://threering.com/ Good site for making ePortfolios.
10. Click here to learn about making ePortfolios with Google apps. 
11. Click here for a list of apps to use for student ePortfolios. 
12. Click here for a great blogpost on digital portfolios. 
13. Click here for a video playlist of building a digital portfolio on Google Sites. 
14. Click here for "The Beginner's Guide to Creating ePortfolios". 
15. Click here for a great template using Google Sites.
16. Maddy Shipton's FSL Digital Portfolio template.

Digital Citizenship
1. http://www.commonsensemedia.org/ 
2. http://mediasmarts.ca/ Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy

File-sharing sites
2. Click here for 18 free screen-casting tools (ie. to record what you are doing on your computer screen) 
3. http://internetbuttons.org/ Cool site to make buttons on a start page.
4. http://www.3x3links.com/index.html  Cool way to display favourite websites on a page. 
5. http://www.symbaloo.com/ Cool way to set up a homepage with buttons.
6. Click here for a fantastic chart for HEX codes (click on colour to enlargen). 
7. Click here for a way to create a URL for a text. 
8. http://www.buncholinks.com/home/index Site that gives you one link for many URL's.
9. Click here for a video explaining how to do screen captures. 

Webcam resources
1. http://mailvu.com/ Send emails with your webcam. Click here for a video by Russell Stannard. 
2. http://intervue.me/ Interview someone, record it, watch later or share.

1. http://blip.fm/  Listen to free on-line music (need to register). 
2. Click here for a cool website that categorizes playlists according to mood.
3. Click here for a how-to video on iTunes. 
4. http://eng.musicshake.com/create/ is a website that lets you make your own music. 
5. http://www.listentoyoutube.com/ Let's you rip music from YouTube videos. 
6. Download music from YouTube:
7. soundtrap.com Free online music mixer: can record voice on multi sound-tracks.

1. Click here for a beginner's guide to using the internet. 
2. Click here for a very comprehension guide called "How to Speak “Internet”: Your Guide To xHTML".
3. https://about.me/ Gather your online presence in one location. Kind of like a business card. 
4. http://loads.in/ Test how fast a webpage loads in a real browser from over 50 locations worldwide.
5. Click here for very basic "Welcome to the Web" tips.
6. Click here for a cool presentation by Google Chrome called "20 Things I learned about Browsers and the Web".
7. http://fur.ly/ Make many URL's into one. 

Video chat tools
1. Click here to read about The Five Best Apps for Real-Time Video Chat. 
2. http://quickscreenshare.com/ Let's you share your screen with someone.
3. Click here to read a blogpost about how to do a Mystery Skype with your class.

Search engines for kids
1. http://www.sweetsearch.com/ and http://www.boolify.org/index.php :search engines for kids. Click here for more. 
2. Click here to read about Instagrok, a search engine for education.

3. Click here for "The 10 best search engines for kids".

Mac info
1. Click here to find out how to remove a Mac computer virus. 
2. Click here to download anti-virus protection for Macs. 
3. Click here to check which apps are incompatable with Mountain Lion.

Voice recording tools
1. http://audioboo.fm/ A way to record your voice on your cellphone.  Click here for a blog of a teacher using this in her French classes. Click here for a great presentation. Click here for a video explaining how to use it.
2. Click here for a blogpost called: "Three Easy Ways to Hear Your Students: Google Voice, Vocaroo, and Voki" 
3. http://croak.it/
4. http://vocaroo.com/ 
5. https://soundcloud.com/ 
6. Click here for a great blogpost on podcasting and different tools to do it.
7. http://www.chirbit.com

File converters
1. Click here for a blogpost called "How to Convert Your Files to a Different Format". 
2. http://swiffy.googlelabs.com/ Converts .swf files to HTML5.
3. Click here for a Livebinder on online converters. 
4. http://www.online-convert.com/ 
5. http://www.pdftoword.com/ Convert .pdf files to Word.

Timeline makers
1. See what your "Klout" is: http://klout.com/home
See how "Klout" is determined by clicking here. ("Klout" is internet influence). 

Connecting with other students
1. http://studentsoftheworld.info/ Connect with other students from around the world. 

Online newspapers
1. Click here to find out how to make class online newspapers. 
2. Click here for some free resources to make class newspapers. 
3. http://www.zinepal.com/ is a great site to make newspapers. 
4. Click here for "Websites That Will Let You Create Digital Magazines and Newspapers". 

Presentation tools
Click here for a video tutorial. Upload your powerpoints, then record sound/webcam.
2. Very easy and cool way to make slideshows: http://www.photosnack.com/
3. Click here for "10 Best PowerPoint Template Websites". 

Design tools
1. https://www.canva.com/

Interactive posters 
1. Click here to make interactive posters.
2. Click here for a great sign-generator site. 
3. Click here for a cool site to change signs on photos.

Online polls 
1. Click here for a Livebinder on online polls.

Making videos 
Collaborative cloud-based editing platform. 
2.  http://captiontube.appspot.com/ Allows you to do sub-titles.

Click here for a blogpost called "15 things students and teachers can do with Edmodo".

Click here for a blogpost describing how to use Evernote
Skitch allows you to make nifty tutorials like this.

1. Click here for a blogpost called "7 sites that make programming for kids fun".
2. http://www.codecademy.com/ Learn coding here.
4. Some more coding for kids info here
5. Great wiki with lots of Coding for Kids info
6. Brian Aspinall's list of coding resources by school division

3. iShowU

Royalty-free photos 
2. Click here for free photos. 
3. Click here for many royalty-free resources (music, photos, videos). 
4. Click here and here for more Copyright Friendly Images.

Royalty-free music/sound effects 

BEST for music: http://dig.ccmixter.org/
5. http://office.microsoft.com (Type in sound you are looking for, ex. cat, click on search, then go down to the left and click off "sound") 
7. Click here for many free music and sound resources.  
8. Click here for lots of copyright-free images and sounds. 
9.  Click here for some more free music resources. 
10. http://www.findsounds.com/types.html

1. Click here for fantastic info on "Building community in your classroom with technology".   
2. Click here for Cybraryman's Educational websites. 
3. Click here for an automatic way to make class groups. 
4. Click here for the Facebook/texting shortcut emoticons.37. Click here for great ideas on how to set up an online resume. 
5. Very cool site: write an email to yourself and have it delivered to your inbox in the future: http://www.futureme.org/
6. http://iconscrabble.com/ Very cool. Type in any word, then click on "Scrabble" and see what happens!
7. http://www.strikeapp.com/ Create "To do" lists and strike out tasks when completed.
8. http://play.typeracer.com/ Practice your typing skills and compete for speed.
9. Click here to learn about how to get rid of ads on a website. 
10. Click here for crayon colours and HEX codes. 
11. Click here for a Livebinders tutorial. 
12. Click here for Five Free and Simple Timers for Teachers.
13. http://www.pearltrees.com/ A cool way to organize your webgems.
14. http://classparrot.com/ A safe way to text parents and students. 
15. http://www.lissaexplains.com/ is a website for kids to learn about html. 
16. Click here to create a Star Wars scrolling message. 
17. Click here for a great series of tutorials on Photoshop. 
18. http://hiperurl.com/ Lets you create one URL for up to five different links. 
19. http://www.internetslang.com/ For older folks (like me) who don't know the lingo. 
20. http://tunetune.net/ is a site that lets you convert a YouTube video to an mp3. 
21. Click here for detailed guide on Pinterest
22. http://mypermissions.org/ Clean up your apps permissions on your social media accounts. 
23. http://snapito.com/ allows you to take full length website screenshots.
24. http://newsjack.in/ Very cool site lets you personalize all news articles and photos. 
25. Click here for a wonderful blogpost called "THE 33 DIGITAL SKILLS EVERY 21ST CENTURY TEACHER SHOULD HAVE", with tons of links to resources. 
I love this: student can draw and record voice at same time. Click here for a sample. 
27. A great site for teaching about digital footprints.
Great backchannel: set up a class page, have a convo in French (in security). 
29. http://listofrandomnames.com/


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