Tech resources for projects

1. (Free and legal music downloads)
2. Free mp3 music for schools (need to register)
3. Free sound effects
      5. (Type in sound you are looking for, ex. cat, click on search, then go down to the left and click off "sound") 
      6. Click here for more music and sound clips.
4. Best sound converter:
5. Best video converter:
6. Best software to download videos from the internet: . Click here for instructions on a PC.
7. great website to download videos from the internet. 
8. To download YouTube videos, just type "ss" after "www." and before "Youtube" in URL
Awesome audio editor and recorder. Click here to read about 10 great ways to use Audacity.  
Click here for instructions on downloading Audacity.
10. iShowU Best tool to record anything on your computer screen.
11. sounds and songs that can be downloaded for projects.
12. creepy language translated from English and downloadable.
13. English to R2D2 language. Download results.
14. Click here for an article on free music sources for projects.
15. SnagIt Screencapture tool for PC's. 
16. Jing and Screenr: Other screencapture tools. Click here for a video on how to use Screenr.
17. Click here for another tool to to screen captures and screencasts. 
18. Click here for a detailed manual on Garageband. 
19. Click here for many free music and sound resources.  
20. Click here for lots of copyright-free images and sounds.  
21. Click here for another free video downloader/converter for on-line videos.  
22. Click here for a very cool text-to-speech translator.   
23. Click here and here for some more free music resources. 
24. Click here for free photos. 
25. Click here for many royalty-free resources (music, photos, videos). 
26. Click here and here for more Copyright Friendly Images.
27. Free images.
28. Download audio track from videos. 
29. Click here and here and here for more free soundclips and music.
30. and More free sound effects.
31. Fast, easy way to record an mp3. 
32. Another online audio converter.
33. Lots of free soundfiles here
34. Free music for videos.

1. Great slideshow by Silvia Tolisano.
2. Great video by Karen Bosch.