Digital Storymaking

1. Storymaker
Click here for a how-to video.
2. Zooburst This site looks amazing for creating digital pop-up books. Click here for a video. Click here and here for some French samples.
Click here for some sample books:
Click here and here for videos.
Click here to see some French Storyjumpers and here for French and Spanish stories.
Click here for a blogpost about Storyjumper.
4. Storybird Create stories with drawings by wonderful artists. Click here to see their artwork. Click here for a wiki with lots of MFL Storybirds.
(Unfortunately, there is no option to add audio. One could probably record a narration and play it separately.)
Click here for some student samples.
(The funny creatures were made with )
Click here  for more samples.
Click here and here and here for students samples in French. Click here another French Storybird.
Click here for a wonderful Halloween storybird called "Matilda la sorcière" and here for "Père Noël".
Click here for a Storybird on the verb "avoir".
Click here for a great tutorial on using Storybird.
Click here for a great video tutorial.
Click here for a great PP on using Storybird. 
Click here for a good PP on Storybirds. 
Click here for a video tutorial on how to use Storybird and set up a class. 
6. Click here for another website on Digital Storytelling 
 Click here to see some examples. Warning: must buy final product! Cannot buy on-line version if don't reside in the U.S. so must buy hard-copy which is expensive!
Click here for directions on how to use this website. Click here to see some French stories.
9. Click here for the ultimate Digital Storytelling guide. 
10. Click here and here to see a book made with FlipSnack. (Make a word document first, then save as a .pdf file to use FlipSnack) Click here for "Combien en vois-tu?" Works with Powerpoints too: convert PP to pdf file then upload. Click here for an example.)
Click here for a Flipsnack book made with ComicLife first.
11. Similar to FlipSnack but can add audio. See mine here. See some other students examples here.
12. StoryCreator Very cool site! 
13. Click here for a Livebinder on Digital Storytelling. 
14. Batalugu is another online bookmaking site. 
15. Simplebooklet Yet another online bookmaking site.  Click here for a blogpost explaining how to use it.
Click here for a blogpost about using Kerpoof in the Spanish class.
17.  Great wiki with lots of digital story examples in different languages.
18. Click here for more Flipbook resources.
19. Click here for a website for Digital Storymaking on the iPad.
20. Click here for a blogpost called "5 Free Tools for Creating Book Trailer Videos".
21. Click here for a website on making Stop Motion animations.
Make digital stories and imbed your voice. Click here for an example.
23. Click here for French examples.
24. Click here for "5 Card Flickr stories". Pick 5 cards and make a story.
Click here and here for other French voicethreads
Voicethread tutorial (Scroll down)
26. Another flipbook creator.
28. Click here for a great blogpost on Digital Storytelling in the Foreign Language classroom.
29. Click here for a blogpost called "10 Digital Story Projects".
30. Click here for a blogpost called "20+ Apps to Support the Digital Storytelling Process"
Great new site for creating digital stories with drawings and voice recordings. 
32. Click here for a great blogpost describing how you can make "Create your own adventure" stories with different Google apps (including YouTube). 
33. Click here for my directions to make a "Choose your own adventure" story with a sample story with images. 
34. Create a Storyboard here:


  1. What joy to finish a digital story! There is much to celebrate. When we share our stories, we experience a sacred time, a ritual that closes the story experience for individuals as well as groups who have been creating together. We are finally officiallyStoryKeepers!

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