Educational apps

iPhone/iPad/iPod apps 

Click here for the hands-down best list of apps for French teachers from Catherine Ousselin. 
Click here for my "French Apps for Kids" blog.
Click here for Melinda Larson's great apps collection for French teachers. 
Click here for some important info about French language apps.
Click here for @AudreyMisiano's blog for kids apps.
Click here for an iPad app search engine.
Click here for a post by Jonathan Wylie on how to find Educational Apps

Here are others;
Click here to see mine.
2. Click here and here for lists of apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod in French. Click here for another list. 
3. Photocomic Can make cool comics. Click here for a sample I made.
4. Click here for Cybraryman's apps for education page. 
5. Click here for a great Google Doc of educational apps organized by subject. 
6. Click here for apps organized by Blooms Taxonomy.
7. Click here to read about a Scavenger hunt app.
8. Click here for a great wiki with apps for Digital Storytelling. 
9. Click here for "Kidpedia", an app for kids in different languages. 
10. Click here for a great primer on using the iPad in class. 
11. Click here for "50 Educational Apps for the iPod Touch".
12. Click here for "Audibly: A Vast Collection Of Free Audiobooks For Your iPhone".
13. Click here for "58 Interesting Ways to use the iPad in the Classroom". 
14. Click here for lots of educational apps. 
15. Click here for a Google Doc list of educational apps. 
16. Click here for a great video about using iPads and iPods in the class. 
17. Puppet Pals app: good for storytelling. 
18. Click here for a great blog with lots of apps for Primary French. 
19. Click here for tons of apps lists for educators. 
20. Click here for a LiveBinder on iPads in Schools. Here too. And here.
21. Click here for a great list of apps by subject area (none for French, unfortunately). 
22. Click here for apps for digital storytelling. 
23. Click here for a great Wiki on iPad apps. 
24. Click here for a great blogpost on iPad fluency. 
25. Click here to find out how to create your own app. 
26. Click here for 12 iPad Apps for Storytelling in the Classroom. Check out all the other apps on this blog as well. 
27. Click here for a list of apps for Paris (in French and in English).
28. Click here for more apps for K-5.
29. Click here for a wiki on apps organized according to Bloom's taxonomy. 
30. Click here for "7 Educational iPhone/iPad Apps For Your Kids. 
31. Click here for "The 50 Most Beautiful iPad Apps".
32. Click here for a .pdf list for French apps. 
33. for more apps. 
34. Click here to learn about "Toontastic". 
35. Click here to learn about "MindSnacks": an app for learning different languages. 
36. Click here for Lucy's list of apps. 
37. Click here for a great primer on how to use an iPad. Best viewed on an iPad. 
38. An eBook creator for iPads. Click here for some French ones (need to register to view).
39. Click here for an app for French movie trailers.
40. Click here for a website for Digital Storymaking on the iPad and here for a great blogpost.
41. This free app for turns your phone into a Walkie-Talkie. Great for school trips. 
42. Click here for Isabelle Jones' list of iPhone apps for Language Teachers. 
43. Click here for a free eBooks app in different languages.
44. Click here for "350+ Best Kids Apps Reviewed".
45. Click here for recommended apps organized by subject area.
46. Click here for a great blogpost called "How to set up your iPads in class".
47. Click here for a blogpost called "Cool apps for Language Learning".
48. Click here for a blogpost called "40 iPad apps for Language Learners".
49. Click here for a blogpost called "5 Awesome Things You Can Do With an IPad and an LCD Projector"
50. Plango apps (many languages) 
51. Click here for 10 animation apps. 
52. Click here for Great Interactive Reading Books for Kids.
53. Click here and here and here for some Halloween apps. 
54. Click here for Learning French apps. 
55. Click here for 10 Animation apps.
56. A collection of 1300+ apps for education.
57. Click here for "80 apps to learn a language". 
58. Click here for lots of Apps for Teachers by Moms with Apps. 
59. Click here for a cool Silent Movie app.  Click here for a blogpost about it and some examples.
60. Lingibli Learn 100 of the most frequently used words in any language.
61. Click here for a blogpost called "39 sites for using iPads in the classroom".
62. Click here for a great blog on "How to use the iPad in a primary French immersion classroom"
63. Click here for Four iPad Apps to Record Voices and Encourage Language Acquisition in Kids.
64. Click here for a blog called: "Journey with an iPad" by French Primary immersion teacher.
65. Talking TomCat looks fun for recording voice with animation.
66. Click here for an app called "Mme la Guillotine", a historical story about Paris.
67. Click here for a Livebinder on connecting your iPad to a projector.
68. Click here for Audrey Misiano's collection of French apps for young children.
69. Click here to read about the award-winning "Dans mon rêve" digital story app.
70. Click here for a comprehensive list of things a student can do on an iPad.

71. Screenchomp: Click here for a blogpost and video about how to use this tool to grade/correct work. 
72. Click here for a blogpost and videos on using cellphones in class. 
73. Click here for a list of Foreign Language apps for kids. 
74. Click here for a blogpost called "15 ways to use the iPad in your classroom". 
75. Click here for a great website with many resources, hosted by a school that has gone 1:1 with the iPad.
76. Click here for a list of apps for learning a Foreign Language. 
77. Click here for a list of apps to use for student ePortfolios. 
78. Click here for a blogpost explaining how to hook up your iPad to a projector.
79. Click here for a blogpost about using DropBox on an iPad. 
80. Click here for a blogpost on Evernote Skitch. 
81. Click here for a blogpost about SayHi, a translator app. 
82. Click here for BigBoxInc stories en français. Click here to see them on YouTube.
83. Click here for an AIM story made with Puppet pals. 
84. Click here for a list of iPad apps for Language teachers. 
85. Click here for a blogpost about iTranslate. 
86. Click here for a video about how to use Screenchomp to personalize feedback on marking.
87. Click here for a blogpost about VoicePic (like Instragram, but can add voice). 
88. App for learning French expressions.
89. Click here for an article called "10 ways to use Instagram in the classroom.
90. Click here for 10 ways to improve Instagram.
91. Frenchie-Teachie app for early French learners. 
92. Wordlens lets you take a picture of a text to translate. 
93. IFunFace Like Blabberize.
94. Looks amazing for creating iBooks!
97. Click here for a great blogpost about how to use iBooksAuthor.
98. Click here for @JoeDale's preso on iPad apps and here for his list of "killer apps".
99. Click here and here for a blogposts about LittleStoryMaker
100. Click here for a YouTube playlist on how to use iBook Author.
101. Click here for a blogpost called "6 Apps Students Can Use to Create Quick Audio Recordings"
102. Click here for a blogpost about Digital story making with Haiku deck and Disp recorder.
103. Click here for a great blogpost called "15 iPad skills students and teachers should have".
104. Haiku Deck looks like a cool way to make presentations or digital stories. Click here to see some examples.
105. Click here for music-making apps. 
106. Click here for a blogpost called "The 4 Apps that saved my day" from a World Languages teacher.
107. Click here for a very comprehensive list of apps for all different subjects.
108. Click here for an iTunesU course on iPad apps for Student Created Books.
109. Click here for a wonderful ScoopIt collection called iPads in Education.
110. A site with tons of info on iTunes U:
112. Click here to learn about an app (Titan player) that allows you to download YouTube videos to your camera roll to use in iMovie projects. 
113. Click here for apps to learn coding. Click here for another list.
114. Click here for a blogpost on using Aurasma and here for a tutorial. Here's another blogpost.

Android apps
1. Click here for a list of the best Android apps.
2. Click here for an app that finds your phone if lost. 
3. Paris apps. 
4. Learning French apps.
5. Click here for "7 Educational Android Phone Apps For Your Kids".
6. Click here for a blogpost called "The best android app for kids". 
7. Click here for an app to make an android avatar. 
8. Click here for "The 100 best Android apps".
9. Click here for Cybraryman's Android apps page. 
10. Click here for some French apps and here for French apps for children. 
11. Click here for "The best Android apps for kids" (scroll down).
12. Click here for Android apps organized by Bloom's Taxonomy.
14. Click here for an app called "50 languages". 
15. Click here for "11 awesome Android apps for students".
15. Click here for a very thorough guide on setting up your Android phone.

Sketchnoting (Or Visual Note taking)
1. Videos by Karen Bosch: Vimeo (shorter) YouTube (longer)
2. Slideshare by Silvia Tolisano. Her Flickr account.


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