Fun stuff to do

1. Very cool site for making personalized ecards, imbedding video and music. Click here for one I made.
2. Make informational posters.
3. Click here to learn about how to make an on-line student newspaper. 
4. Click here and here for cool ways to turn .pdf files into interactive books. 
5. A cool way to use a webcam with a PP presentation.  
6. Click here to create beautiful timelines. 
7. Click here to create your own cartoon cat. 
8. of things to do here. 
9. Click here to create a bouquet of flowers that you can send someone. 
10. Turn any webpage into a poem.

1. Create musical journeys from street layouts.  
2. Fun site to make music.
3. Another cool site to make music.
4. Click here for a detailed manual on Garageband. 
5.  Create human beatbox sounds. Drag the icons onto the Tshirts. VERY COOL!
6. Click here for a cool way to make music. 
7. Click here for Cybraryman's Making Music page. 
8. Click here to see a short video of what you can do with GarageBand, by EllenOnceAgain. Click here to see the Google Doodle she used in the video. Click here for another amazing video she made using an iPad.
9. Click here for kbkonnected's LiveBinder on Music Making. 
10. Click here for 10 more digital music-making sites. 
11. Click here for a fun site making rhythms with hands. 
12. Hum a tune and this site will recognize it for you! 
13. Click here for a blogpost called "7 Tools Students Can Use to Create Music Online".
14. Click here for a Music making site with cyber beats & scratch virtual records.
15. is a website that lets you make your own music.  
16. Click here for a virtual keyboard. Would be great on a SMARTboard! 

Drawing/Digital art
1. Click here for a neat way to make faces. 
2. :A very cool sketching & drawing site. 
3. Click here for a very cool drawing site. 
4. Click here for tons of Crayola activities. 
5. Learn how to draw. 
6. Click here for Top 10 Sites for Creating Digital Art.
7. Click here for an awesome blogpost called "45 Websites For Students To Create Original Artwork Online."  
8. Fun and easy for younger children. 
9. Children pick an image and colour it on online. Then can print. 
10. Click here for videos on how to draw cartoons. 
11. Watch sketches being made or create one yourself. 
12. Click here for "45 Websites For Students To Create Original Artwork Online". 
13. A Collaborative Whiteboard to draw on. 

General Art 
1. Click here for a live binder with tons of art activities. From KBKonnected. 

Arts and crafts 
1. Click here for a live binder on Paper Airplanes and other Flying Machines.
2. Click here for detailed instructions on making every letter of the alphabet with origami.
3. Click here to learn about making pop-up cards. 
4. Click here for a Livebinder on Cool Paper Crafts for Kids.
5. Click here for a great Livebinder on Things to Build. 


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