Other French resources

Tools for students 
1. www.bonpatron.com
(to correct written work)
(Amazing site will pronounce any word in many different languages)
Here is the French section.
3. http://rhinospike.com/
(A cool way to get something read in another language)
(An amazing way to make little booklets. See http://www.mediafire.com/ for a sample) 
5. http://www.lexipedia.com Type in any word (in many different languages) and find words related to it. 
6. http://www.omniglot.com/language/phrases/index.htm A cool site on how to say many phrases in different languages. Click here for some French recordings of phrases.
7. http://www.conjugue-moi.com/ Great tool for verb conjugations.
8. http://fr.vikidia.org/wiki/Accueil Simplified French Wikipedia.
9. http://rime-en.fr/ Find words that rhyme for poems. 
10. Click here to practice texting in other languages. 
11. Click here for a cool Text-to-speech translator. 
12. http://conjugation.com/ Another verb-conjugating site.
13. Click here for a blogpost with different sites for finding rhyming words.
14. http://lingro.com/ So cool! Will translate words you click on in any website! 
15. http://lang-8.com/  Get native French speakers to correct your writing.  
16. http://www.linguee.com/english-french/ A great site for translating phrases/expressions.  
17. http://www.spellchecker.net/spellcheck/ A spellchecker for many different languages. 
18. http://www.verb2verbe.com/  A great verb conjugator. 
19. Click here for "Les textos en français". 
 1. www.wordreference.com
A great dictionary for a variety of languages

(Incredible visual dictionary)
(Another picture dictionary site)  
In put the URL of a French site and then click on unknown words to have dictionary definitions appear in your own language. Click here for a video.
5. Another picture dictionary site: http://www.infovisual.info/ 
6. Another picture dictionary (scroll down): http://www.enchantedlearning.com/French/ 
7. http://fr.vikidia.org/wiki/Accueil  Wikipedia-like site for young French students.
8. http://www.linguee.com/french-english/ Puts phrases in context.

1. http://www.radio-canada.ca/jeunesse/petits/(French radio station for children)
2. NewsMap Click here for a great current news site in different languages (advanced). 
3. http://newspapermap.com/ A website with all of the newspapers in the world. Can translate them, too! 
4. http://tunein.com/ is a Real-Time World Language Online Radio. WOW!
5. http://www.un.org/fr/multimedia/index.shtml Multimedia site by the United Nations.
6. http://www.radiofrance.fr/
7. http://1jour1actu.com/ Nice site with simple language for current events. 
8. News in slow French <-- Cool idea! 
9. Le journal des enfants 
10. 7 Jours sur la planète 
11. http://www.lespetitscitoyens.com/ 
News site for kids. 

1. http://www.frenchteacher.net
(Lots of powerpoints!)
(More powerpoints) 

1. Celebrity bios, all in French:http://www.stars-celebrites.com/imprimer.htm
2. www.zondle.com Create games or do a search for pre-made games (Click on the word "French", then "Go"), then imbed in your website. Free but need to register. Example: http://www.zondle.com/cdl.aspx?qp=4092&a=478 
3. http://www.postcrossing.com/Very cool idea. Have your students send and receive postcards from around the world. Read this blog:http://bit.ly/hv7NYC 
4. http://www.simpsonspark.com/links_simp_fr.php Wow. Huge Simpsons website with tons of activities, en français!  
7. Click here for a wonderful site about a day in the life of many children around the world. Unfortunately, no sound. 
8. Click here for l'arbre généalogique de la famille royale.
9. Click here for a document showing how to text in French. Found on Mme Conlin's blog
10. Click here to take a quiz on Text-speak in different languages.  
11. Click here for a fun activity listening to different languages.
12. Click here for a good site to practice French argot (slang) from France. Fairly advanced level. 
13. Click here for Harry Potter in cartoon format. Great for story retelling! 
14. Click here for a poster on "La Maison d'être."
15. Click here for lots of French resources from primaryschoolteaching.co.uk 
16. http://diasporamas.com/ A wonderful site with lots of slideshows with commentary in French. Great for older students. Here are some of the slideshows with English subtitles: http://vimeo.com/diasporamas/videos 
17. Click here for some gorgeous pictures of France: "Les 100 paysages français qu'il faut avoir vus". 
18. Cliquez ici pour créer votre propre robe, haut, ou jupe. 
19. http://julietteendirect.telequebec.tv/ Fantastic site with lots of activities.
20. Some "Jeux vidéos" here.  
21. Click here for "Les plus beaux uniformes d'hôtesses de l'air"
22. http://fr.islcollective.com/ Some really great printables here for teachers. 
23. Click here for a panoramic view from the top of the Eiffel tower and here for panoramas of other landmarks in Paris.
24. Click here for a document showing how to text in French.  
25. Click here for some interactive "Dictées". 
26. Click here for many lists of famous French people. 
27. Click here for a page called "Advocating for French". 
28. Click here for BBC's French page with tons of activities.  
29. Amazing! http://www.akinator.mobi/fr Answer a few questions and the genie will tell you who you are thinking of.  
30. Click here for a website with French play scripts. 
31. Click here for a website on idioms in different languages. 
32. http://gzaas.com/ is a cool website to make full screen messages, like this
33. Click here for a fabulous animation on using "être" in the past tense.  
34. Send a French postcard here!  
35. Click here for dog commands in different languages!  
36. http://www.idiomizer.com/idioms/ A website with tons of idioms in different languages. 
37. Click here for a site with games for practicing typing in French. 
38. Click here for a French recording of "Cendrillon" with English translation (scroll down). Play the recording while students read the English translation simultaneously.
39. Click here for a great collection of CEFR resources (Common European Framework).
Thanks to Ian MacLachlan for the documents.
42. Click here for a great blogpost about using "Les Simpson" to teach French. 
43. Click here for a Certificate generator, en français.  
44. Click here for a fun game called "Le chat noir": Try to trap him by clicking on the circles.  
45. Click here for the Hunger Games site, en français.  
46. Click here for the entire book, Hunger Games, en français (go with middle option: save file to computer). 
47. http://www.fixoodle.com/ A  social website connecting people who learn languages.
48. http://ifaketext.com/  Click here for a blogpost on how to use this website that simulates texting.
49. Showme.com is a website that lets you create lessons and record them. Click here for a lesson on writing a letter in French.  
50. Wow, ça, c'est différent! An interactive film by the NFB: http://blabla.onf.ca/
and click here for a video about making it.   
51. Click here for lots of great printable posters for French teachers.  
52. Click here for lots of fun games to play in French.  
53. Click here for a great, simplified blogpost and video on The Titanic, en français.  
54. L'histoire du poussin Cute interactive animation for "Les verbes conjugués avec être au passé". 
55. Click here for the "Top 50 Podcasts for learning a language".  
55. Funny French flashcards with images
45. Clique ici pour "Le générateur de biographies". Très amusant! 
Very creative and original site for advanced French learners.  
47. Click here for "The Top 10 Best Movie Quotes of All Times—In French". 
49. http://www.textivate.com/  Very cool puzzle maker. Free registration, try all the different formats. Try this one: http://www.textivate.com/initials-oocjn1  
50. http://micetf.fr/Puzzle/ Really good image puzzle generator. Can't save puzzles though.  
51. http://www.findyourtracks.fr/ Find music you like.  
52. Click here for French tongue-twisters.  
54. Clique ici pour Dessiner un tableau de Picasso. 
55. Click here for "Code de bonne conduite en ligne". 
56. Audiolingua is a great resource to find audio recordings of authentic language speakers. Click here for the results of a search for children speaking in French.
57. https://www.verbling.com Interesting-looking site to practice speaking in different languages with other people. 
Type a question in French, get an answer in seconds!

1. Click here for my website for the new Ontario FSL Curriculum.