Things to do with photos

1. Click here for a great blogpost on "The Best Sites For Online Photo-Editing & Photo Effects".
2. Write and draw on photos. 
3. Cut, reshape, crop photos.  
4. for a site to shrink photos.  
5. Add speech and thought bubbles to photos.
6. Amazing photo-editing site.
7. Another photo-editing site.
8. Click here for "25 ways to have fun with your photos".  
9. Another photo-editing site.
10. to cartoon a photo.  Try the other options, too (tabs at top).
11. Another photo-editing site.  
12. Another photo editing site. 
13. Another photo editing site. Can add speech bubbles.
14. Another photo editing site. Some cool effects.
15. Another photo editing site. 
16. Apply some cool textures to your photos.
17. : the best photo editing site ever.  *THE BEST ONE!*
18. Mix 2 photos together. 
19. Click here for 15 more photo-editing sites. 
20. Add speech bubbles to photos.
21. A site to resize your photo for social networking sites.
22. and More fun ways to edit photos.
23. and Add captions and speech bubbles to photos.
24. Another photo-editing site to make pics look vintage and retro.
25. Click here for a blogpost called "10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos".
26. cool effects to photos.
27. Make a comic strip and add captions to photos. Click here for an example and directions.
28. Very cool photo-editing site. Check out what you can do with the Halloween effects!
29. Lets you add speech bubbles to pics.
30. Hilarious effects
31. More fun effects here: and here (making a winking eye like this!)

Other things to do with photos
1. Click here to upload a photo of you with Bart Simpson!
2. Make posters, calendars, magazine covers, etc.
3. Make shapes out of pictures.
4. Create and view photoalbums on-line.
5. Make a poster.
6. Make your photos interactive.
7. Make on-line photo collages. 
8. Type in a word and site will organize by colour. Amazing!
9. Lots of fun things to do with photos here! 
10. Tons of fun activities here!
11. Make a magazine cover with your photo!
12. Search images by colour.
13. You can do really fun things with photos here!
14. Moronize yourself! 
15. Add labels to photos with descriptions.
16. Click here for a great series of tutorials on Photoshop. 
17. Make photos interactive. Click here for a blogpost and video tutorial. 
18. Lots of great pics here for discussion in L2. 
19. Click here for a blogpost on how to use Instagram and Twitter in your class. 
20. Click here for ideas on using Instragram in a Foreign Language class. 
21. Shape your photos in collages.
22. Make a music video with your pics. 
23. Click here for a blogpost about VoicePic (like Instragram, but can add voice). 
24. Click here for a blogpost about how to do an Instragram scavenger hunt. 

Miscellaneous photo sites
1. Amazing site with pictures for hundreds of words.
2. Download pictures from the internet and get HTML code to imbed in your blog/website.
3. Click here for some gorgeous photos can use in blogs or to inspire creative writing.
4. Click here for some insane sandcastles. 
5. Click here for an awesome presentation called: 27 Interesting Images to use in the Classroom. 
6. Click here for a great site of photo timelines from Life Magazine. 
7. Very cool site: An image search site that is designed for bloggers.
8. Click here for some cool pics with movement.
9. A cool photo site: Type in the name of a city and see what happens! 
10. A very easy-to-use photo-sharing site.
11. Make photo collages.
12. Spend hours looking at pics here:


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