1. http://tfo.org/jeux/deuxfois/homepage.html
(There are four stories here.)
2. Qui fait peur à Jan?
(Click on the hand, then the woman or man to hear the story)
3. Le nuage coquin
(A story about a cloud)
4. Cléo la vache
(A story about a funny cow)
7. Marracas le super géant
8. http://www.wismo.ch/contes/dessins.php
(Four animated stories)
9. Le chat botté
(Puss 'n Boots. Click on the third crest.)
10. Qui a inventé la pizza?
(Click on the third circle.)
Le long voyage de Tomi le renard
(Click on the third tree.)
La princesse, le baobab et les cauris
(A story about an African princess. Click on the third leaf.)

13. Le trésor de l'ile du Salut
(Click on the third treasure chest)
Chaperon Rouge (histoire) Scroll down to the big video.
Conte-valse du loup (histoire) Scroll down to the big video.
16. http://www.fictions.ch/ Many stories to listen to but fairly advanced vocabulary. 
17. http://www.iletaitunehistoire.com/ Gorgeous site with lots of activities.
Scroll down to read pages. No sound.
26. Click here for an interactive book called "Je suis magicien".  
27. Click here for a great "Choisis ton adventure" eBook. 
28. Lots of French books in .pdf format here: 
29. Click here for a nice collection of EBooks.  
31. Click here for some great stories with audio files.  
33. http://www.zoodemaubeuge.fr/girafe/girafe.htm
(A story about a girl who loves giraffes) 
34. Tumblebooks has a wonderful collection of eBooks.
- Click on "Access online"
- On the top right-hand corner where it says "Choose a language", choose "French" and then click "Go". Click on the red oval "Livres pour enfants".
37. Le Château Magique (many stories!)
More difficult:
Recorded reading (starts on p. 3) 
Another recorded reading (not as good, but it includes Chapter 1) 
2. Click here for a graphic novel en français! Wormworld Saga (Scroll down) 
3. Click here for "Pierre Lapin" par Beatrix Potter, l'histoire complète!  
4. Click here for "Le petit Nicholas": entire book + audio + questions.