Today I received the nicest Valentine’s Card ever, from one of my classes.


Their brilliant homeform teacher, Amy Joliat, and her students made a card like this for every teacher that teaches them and they did it with Google forms. Here’s how.

  1. Click here to see the type of form they used. English French
  2. Once all of her students filled out the form, she went to the spreadsheet linked to the form and highlighted and copied all the answers for one person
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.58.03 PM.png
(my answers are gibberish here for time's sake)

3) Then she pasted the answers onto a word document with a design, adding bullet points. However, you can paste them onto a Google drawing, too, and print out. Click here for a template. You could also paste them into a Google slide and print out. Click here for a template. (NOTE: add a text box first).

4) She repeated this process for all of her students and all of their teachers. She asked 2 students to present each completed card to each teacher. (When I received mine, I was completely blown away.) And she presented each of her students with a similar card (filled with nice things each student in her class said about them).

Please let me know if you try this project, and leave a comment below!


  1. I hope she didn't do all the entering in the info by hand! If so, should check out using AutoCrat the google sheets add on, makes this process easy!

  2. I actually don't think Autocrat would work here, because you are dealing with many different forms, unless you could provide some tips, Wabacon!

  3. Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!!!!! I will be sure to remember this idea, AND spread it around! (The pretty pages with the hearts are both in French, BTW).

  4. Great efforts put it to find the list of articles which is very useful to know, Definitely will share the same to other forums.