Using Google Apps to Make Interactive Stories

I was inspired today by a blogpost I found online written by Jonathan Wylie about “Creating Interactive Choose Your Own (Google) Adventure Stories". I tried to create one on my own with a Google form but had major difficulties. So I wrote up some step-by-step instructions. 

First of all, take a look at my stories: One in English and below it, the same one in French:

Mar. 2017, NOTE: Click here for this story created with the new Google Forms.


l. Google forms

Please click here to read the full instructions. I recommend printing them out so that you can follow along as you go.

ll. Google presentations
Click here for an interactive story I created with Google presentations (French below). Click here for instructions. 

lll. Google docs
Click here to read about how to make a Google Doc interactive with bookmarks or how to make an interactive Table of Contents.

lV. Videos on YouTube
Click here for an awesome interactive video called: “The Time Machine: A Chad, Matt and Rob Interactive Adventure”. Click here to learn about how to make an interactive video with YouTube Annotations.

Click here to see my GAFE Summit presentation.


  1. Awesome post, Mme. Duckworth! Love this! Hadn't thought of using G-Presentations for Choose Your Own Adventure stories before, but have been dying to try it with Forms. Thanks for the great tips and ideas!

  2. C'est fantastique! Merci pour ces outils incroyables!

  3. Can't wait to give this a try. Thank you.

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  7. Some great examples, thanks. I found the YouTube idea the most fun and will use it with my year 5 class.

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